Major Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage

By performing pregnancy massage, you can increase the blood circulation and flow by stimulating your tissues. It helps both mom and foetus to get more oxygen and nutrients; this, in turn, makes the baby grow well in the womb. It can also help the lymph system to remove all the waste and toxins.

Reduce Pain and swelling with pregnancy massage in Perth

Most expectant mothers feel discomfort in their legs, lower back, sciatica, and neck. Due to the growth of the foetus in the womb, the pressure is put onto these areas and this causes them to swell and inflame the nerves. Undergoing regular Perth pregnancy massage will stimulate your tissues and helps to reduce your pain and swelling.

Reduce Discomforts

In addition to pain, swelling and circulation issues, some pregnant women may experience various common symptoms. Few common symptoms of pregnant women include acid reflux, headache, fatigue, muscle cramps, nasal congestion and more. Regular pregnancy massage sessions help to relieve pain, and you can experience a smooth pregnancy.

Reduce stress, anxiety or depression

According to research, during the massage, the hormone levels associated with stress and relaxation can be altered that in turn improves your mood. While massaging, the hormones such as serotonin and dopamine are increased by decreasing cortisol and norepinephrine. This process of relieving stress and anxiety helps both mom and baby experience a comfortable birthing process.

Prepare for Birth

As the foetus in your womb grows, the pregnancy massages help you carry extra weight and support all the changes that take place in your body. Also, it helps your tissues, ligaments, and muscles to adjust to the changes that happen in your body. Pregnancy massage can also help you maintain correct posture and adjust to alignment changes that take place in your body.

During pregnancy massage, the massage therapist takes special care to ensure the safety of the baby and the mother. So it’s time for every pregnant woman to search for well trained and experienced massage therapist to maintain both mother’s and baby’s health in good condition.